About Banky

Banky Hype has been entertaining since age 12 and has ascended to the ranks of the musical elite in the New York Tri-State. His unique and energetic style of entertainment hides an intense, charismatic, and meticulous entrepreneur. Banky’s first serious engagements in the industry began as a stint with the Diamond Movement in the mid 1990’s and continued with Twin Tower and Mega Force. Full exposure later developed from his 5-year affiliation with Massive B in New York City. Always the consummate businessperson, Banky Hype has moved on to challenge the conventional perception of dancehall by creating a bourgeoning entertainment empire based on a simply philosophy that everyone is entitled to quality entertainment.

Banky Hype, who is entering his third decade in the dancehall and hip-hop music industry, is redefining the culture of the music at a crucial juncture in its history. Music and entertainment has been his life’s dream and he has excelled at it. Currently he attracts a loyal and increasing listener base on Road Block Radio 90.1 in New Jersey. He is also the co-founder of Hitts Entertainment and one of the most successful dancehall promoters in New Jersey. Banky has evolved from his humble entry into entertainment as a DJ and dancehall selector to an impresario of urban music.

Banky, who was born to Jamaican parents in New Jersey, has maintained a deep connection to his roots. He travels to Jamaica often where he maintains a residence in Old Harbor, St. Catherine. His love and admiration for his people is rivaled only by his love for his music. The father of one is passionate when he talks about dancehall and where he wants to help take it. He switches comfortably between his American accent and deep Jamaican patois when he focuses on his concerns for artists not getting enough exposure and the reducing sales of the music. These concerns have prompted him to form major industry alliances in Africa and other places around the world. But his heart is in Jamaica where he hopes to create enduring bonds in which many more people will derive meaningful benefit.

Mr. Hype (Banky) continues to focus on pushing hip-hop and dancehall beyond their traditional boundaries. Banky, who is also known as the Rah Rah Kid, has toured the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean extensively. His loyal fan base especially in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Nigeria and Tokyo are now tuning into his recently launched website for a new flavor of hype. His message of inclusion continues to be plain and direct. He wants the world to know that the music he plays is for everyone to enjoy. “Sometimes we need relief from the day to day challenges in life and that is what I provide-a bit of escape. When you hear the music and the way I present it to my audience, I put my heart and soul into it and people feel energized.”

This rising star has been keen to apply his business savvy he gained from the accounting world in corporate America as well as the streets of Orange, New Jersey. His skills have translated well into his own every expanding business endeavors. His entertainment franchise now includes Hitts Entertainment,, and Dem Rah Rah Kids. Banky Hype’s dynamism has lent to his success as a selector, promoter and true entrepreneur. With his positive, energetic, and focused disposition, Banky is poised to reach incredible heights in the entertainment industry.

Written by: Paul Reid